Thanks for checking in

My first blog post: Why does it feel like a blind date? I’m here, on time, I’m wearing the “good” underwear… Now if only someone shows up…

My stats: I’m a married mom of two, Kathleen and Derek, ages 11 and 7. My awesome husband is Bill and I have been a high school English and Anthropology teacher for 20 years. I have a dog, Ginger, and two cats, Spot and Fiona. I have lived with PTSD for 24 years, GAD for most of my life, and MDD since experiencing PPD after my daughter was born. Mental illness is serious, but you can’t take it seriously all the time. You’d go crazy.

Why a blog: Honestly, Jenny Lawson, the Bloggess was a huge inspiration. She is the first one to make mental illness feel like a superpower. Secondly, J.R. Moehringer, who stopped being afraid to fail and just wrote.

Spell check wanted to change it to “Mothringer”. Is that a thing? I hope not.

What you can expect: Mostly funny stories about parenting, working and living with with my various mental illnesses. I wrote in my bio that I’m a runner, but that’s mainly for me. I have run half marathons, but have lately been a couch potato. I figure that if it’s on my bio, I’ll try to live up to your expectations more than my own.

I am hoping to enjoy the ride on this adventure, and I hope you’ll come along and join me. There’s plenty of room in the car.

3 thoughts on “Thanks for checking in

  1. I admire your courage to talk about mental illness. People shame others who suffer from mental illness. It’s sad..I too suffer from mental illness. Just haven’t really felt comfortable to talk about it.

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